Counselling takes many forms and there are many different approaches.

Counselling offers a safe space with a qualified professional for you to talk freely and honestly about what you are experiencing. There is no judgement from the counsellor and no expectations as to what you should or should not feel. It is a safe space for you to drop the mask and meet your real self and work through what is causing you distress.

Depending on what has brought you to counselling and how you feel it will work best the session may be talking for the full session. It may be that you feel you need some coping techniques so these may be practised in the session or it maybe you prefer more visual so drawing and writing is involved. Our counsellors believe you know what will work best for you and will work with you in identifying this and supporting you with this.

Each counselling session lasts 50minutes. These are at the frequency and timing that is agreed between you and the counsellor and there is no commitment to set amount of sessions.

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