Depression is a term that to some is to be avoided and to others a term to hide behind. Depression takes many forms and has many levels. It is not a term to feel ashamed or scared of.

Depression can be used to describe clinical depression and feeling depressed in mood. 

Clinical depression is often when a GP has made a diagnosis and often medication is prescribed for a period of time. This can help a person feel a sense of relief as there is a reason they are feeling how they do and a sense that it can get better.

Feelings of depression can come in waves over a short period of time or you you may have several months of feeling low and then start to feel better.

Depression can involve feeling hopeless, lack of interest, lack of motivation, over sleeping or being unable to sleep, comfort eating or lack of appetite.

There are many causes of depression. Sometimes it can be a lack of serotonin in the body being produced sometimes it can be the overwhelming responsibilities of life. Sometimes it can be a past hurt or trauma letting you know it hasnt been dealt with.

Whatever the cause talking to a counsellor can help. Being able to speak freely and openly and having someone be with you in the darkness can help you find a way through.

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